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What some of our happy customers have to say:

“I used to have my boat cleaned over the winter when it was in storage, but it often was delivered looking like nothing had been done to it and it needed a lot of work. Then, my neighbor told me about On Your Dock Detailing and I thought I’d give them a try. They showed up on time, were very friendly and professional, and did a great job on my boat for a very reasonable price. I have been a customer ever since and count on them to keep my boat in great shape.”
-Former Pro Athlete, Geist Reservoir, customer since 2007

“Before using On Your Dock Detailing, my husband and I would attempt to clean the boat ourselves, but it was always a long and dirty job and it never really looked that great when we were finished. Then we tried your service and were amazed. Our boat looked wonderful so we decided to sign up for the wipe down service. We love it, and now it’s always looking great and ready for us to enjoy.”
-Physician, Geist Reservoir, customer since 2009

“They do a great job with the initial boat cleaning and our pontoon boat stays clean and shiny all season thanks to the bi-weekly wipe down service. There are no more spider webs, water spots, or bird poop covering our beautiful pontoon boat and it’s always clean and ready for entertaining on the weekend when our grandkids visit.”
-Retiree, Nantucket Bay, customer since 2012

“I have been using On Your Dock for the past several seasons and my boat always looks great whenever I want to use it. The boats next to me at the Morse lake marina are always covered in spider webs and bird poop, but mine always looks freshly cleaned thanks to your boat waxing service and the wipe down program.”
-Business Owner, Morse Reservoir, customer since 2008

“We’ve received several comments from guests on our boats about how we must spend hours to keep them always so clean. Because of the weekly wipe down service I never have to touch anything but the lift remote and my steering wheel.
-Executive, Geist Reservoir, customer since 2008

“I am out of town often during the week and don’t have much time to keep up on things around the house. After having them do the initial spring boat cleaning and wax I sign up for the bi-weekly wipe down service every summer. The team at On Your Dock always does a great job on the initial detail boat waxing and I am really happy with the convenience of the wipe down service. My boat looks like it does at the beginning of the season all summer long!”
-Sales Professional, Morse Reservoir, customer since 2011

“I only use my boat about once a week and it is amazing how dirty it can get in between uses, even with a shore station and a cover. I got tired of having to take the cover on and off and wipe it down so I tried your weekly wipe down service and now every time we go to use our boat it always looks great and is a lot easier because we don’t have to mess with the cover or cleaning it.”
-Engineer, Geist Reservoir, sustomer since 2010

“Several of our neighbors have asked us how our pontoon boat always looks so great. Many have trouble with mold and mildew staining the seats and carpet, but the service from On Your Dock Detailing is able to get ours clean each spring. We always recommend their service and they have helped out several of our friends and neighbors.”
-Lawyer, Lake Clearwater, customer since 2009


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