About On Your Dock Detailing

On Your Dock Detailing is owned and operated by Nate Martin, a graduate of Indiana University. Nate has been boating with his family on Morse and Geist since he was young and has significant experience in all aspects of boating and the marine industry. Nate started by assisting with the boat wipe down service and advertising. He has played a very important part in the success and growth of On Your Dock Detailing. He took over the company in the summer of 2015 and has experience working on over 1,000 jobs and managing multiple teams over several seasons.

On Your Dock began in 2004 when the opportunity was recognized for a professional, mobile, boat detailing company to serve customers on lakes around Central Indiana. Before On Your Dock, customers either had to spend hours cleaning their boats themselves or pulling their boats out of the water and leaving them at an offsite location for several days for cleaning. Since 2004, On Your Dock has expanded its operations and grown to serve hundreds of customers who depend on our service every season to keep their boats looking like new. The success and repeat business is due to the quality of our work, our commitment to excellent customer service, and a fair price that is lower than our competitors. 

We serve customers on lakes all around Central Indiana such as Geist Reservoir, Morse Reservoir, Eagle Creek Reservoir, Nantucket Bay, Clearwater Cove, Lake Kesslerwood, Lake Stonebridge, Crystal Lake, and several others. We also occasionally travel by request to serve customers at lakes that are further from our primary service area around Central Indiana.

Why On Your Dock is the Best Boat Detailing Service in Central Indiana

  • We are experienced boaters with years of experience cleaning and waxing boats. We treat your investment like it is our own and strive to make it shine like new.
  • Our company is locally owned, and Nate, the owner, either performs or personally inspects every job. Our team also has years of experience and is paid on performance and based on the quality of work and your complete satisfaction.
  • We use only the highest quality, marine-grade products such as Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Marine Wax, organic and natural cleaners, and have top-of-the line equipment. To separately purchase all of the special cleaners and protectants we will use on your boat would cost over $150!
  • We are trusted by hundreds of professional customers like you to keep their boats and jet skis in pristine condition all season long. Almost all of our customers call us every season and recommend us to their friends and neighbors.
  • We are always integrating the latest waxes, cleaners, and techniques into our process that will make your boat appear as great as it possibly can.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will do whatever it takes to earn your repeat business.