Do I need to bring my boat to you?

No, our business is mobile and we come to the locations of our customers. That’s why we are called “On Your Dock Detailing.” We come to wherever is convenient to you, whether it’s on your dock at home, in your driveway, or at the marina.

What do you need to clean my boat?

We bring all the necessary equipment to clean your boat, however it helps if we have access to an electrical outlet and a garden hose connection. We have several hundred feet of hose and extension cords so we are able to run them down to your dock if necessary. Also, we are capable of working without these things if your boat is not in range.

Do I need to be home while you are cleaning my boat?

No, you do not need to be there. We can call or text you when we arrive and when we leave to let you know the status of the work. We usually work in teams to ensure safety and want to make it easier on you, so you can go about your daily schedule while your boat gets cleaned.

How much does your service cost?

Our prices depend on the boat and what level of service is needed, however our rates are very affordable and significantly lower than our competitors such as those you will find online, boat dealers, and the marina. Our rates for boat detailing and boat waxing are usually determined by the length of your boat. You can call or email us anytime for a free estimate.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use top of the line, new equipment that will not damage your boat and premium marine-grade products that are designed to make your boat look its best. Our equipment, products, and cleaning process has been proven and refined over thousands of jobs since 2004. We don’t compromise on quality and have what it takes to get your boat looking its best.

Where are you located?

Our business is entirely mobile and we come to your preferred location whether it’s on your dock at your home on one of the lakes in Central Indiana, in your driveway, or at the Morse Reservoir Marina, Geist Reservoir Marina, or Indianapolis Yacht Club. Our home-office is located at 9216 Andiron Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250. 

Can you do it on a lift or under a canopy?

Yes, we are able to fully detail a boat on any type of lift and when it is under a canopy such as a Shore Station.

Can you detail my boat if it is not on a lift and is in the water?

When your boat is in the water and not on a lift we are able to detail the inside and clean and wax the exterior top part of the boat that is above the water line.

Can you clean my boat at the marina?

Yes, we clean a significant number of boats at the marina every season and can certainly take care of yours there.

How long does it take?

The length of time depends on the type of boat, its condition, and what it requires such as waxing, cleaning the carpet, and if it has additional accessories that will need attention such as a wake tower.

Can you remove algae from the bottom of my boat?

We specialize in cleaning and detailing the interior and exterior of your boat, not removal of heavy algae. This requires your boat to be lifted into the air and cleaned with heavy-duty power washers and an acidic cleaner and we prefer to let the marina handle this type of job.

What lakes do you service for boat detailing, boat cleaning, and boat waxing?

We service boats on all of the lakes around Central Indiana and occasionally travel to lakes outside of our primary service area by special request. The primary lakes we serve are Morse Reservoir, Geist Reservoir, Nantucket Bay, Clearwater Cove, Lake Kesslerwood, Lake Stonebridge, and Crystal Lake.

What cities do you serve for boat detailing, boat cleaning, and boat waxing?

We work on lakes in cities all around Central Indiana and will travel by request. We primarily work on lakes in Indianapolis, Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, and McCordsville.